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Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are made of high quality fiberglass and ceramic materials which are amalgamated with utmost perfection to create the best pools. They are highly durable and beautiful at the same time.

Fiberglass pools strike the right balance between visual appeal, longevity, luxury and budget.

Our Fibreglass pools are made in SA and have a lifetime warranty on the construction of the pool shell.

Fibreglass pools are a strong flexible and durable pool options with a Varity of colours to choose from. A concrete pool doesn’t meet everyone’s needs or budget. Here at 360 Pools we make it easy with a set starting point for our pools.

We have installed over 900 fibregalss pools in SA so we know what it takes and what it costs.

360 Pools provides their service in Hyde Park, Unley Park, Toorak Gardens, Leabrook, Hawthorn, Tusmore, Erindale, Springfield, Burnside and throughout South Australia along with Adelaide.

Our SA built pool shells are constructed above Australian standards with extra thickness for SA's reactive soils. Manufactured with the latest products and technologies from Nuplex, Australia's largest supplier of Gelcoats, Fibreglass Fibre's and Resins.
  • Step 1: Spray the pool mold with the Gelcoat (your pool colour)
  • Step 2: Spray the Vinyl Ester layer which protects the pool and water proofs the pool shell and stops osmosis
  • Step 3: Layered resin and fibre to add strength. Here we add the ribbing to the pool which help to provide the strength to the walls and steps. After the pool has the right amount of layers to provide the 10mm thickness (Australian Standards are 5mm)
  • Step 4: we spray the pool with a protective layer called flow coat, this layer protects the pool from the different soil types, and gives you many years peace of mind.
The Aquaguard® gelcoat provides optimum durability when used as part of the technically advanced Nuplex Composites Swimming Pool System. This three coat system uses Aquaguard® gelcoat, a Nuplex Vinyl Ester Corrosion layer and an engineered laminate layer of Ultratec®, a structural resin with ECR fibreglass. Together they provide a superior pool finish backed by many years of exceptional performance in the field.

Ocean Blue




Reef Blue

Hawaaiian Sand

Bermuda Blue

Coral Blue

Ivory Sand

Mid Blue

Pool Grey

System Features System Benefits
Smooth decorative surface 3 finishes to choose from Shimmer, Natural and Cultured all available in a range of colours. Also available in ECO-PLUS.
High quality pigments used in the gelcoat Colour is more vibrant and maintained for longer.
Highly UV resistant finish Protects the decorative finish from the damaging effects of UV light.
Chemically resistant finish Products are tested to levels much higher than Australian and New Zealand Standard for chemical fade resistance to ensure a longer lifespan for the cosmetic finish.
Excellent water resistance The Nuplex Vinyl Ester chemical protection layer prevents water migration through the pool wall, reducing likelihood of osmosis.

Installing a FIbreglass pool with Adelaide Fibreglass pools is a simple process, with the only mess being the big hole we dig in your back yard.

  • Stage 1. Once we have confirmed your new pool position, building insurance, council plans will be submitted and youre pool will be put into manufacture.
  • Stage 2. Once out of council we will lock in your dig day, and it's all go with a flurry of activity over the next few weeks as we dig, install and plumb your pool. This is a big process and often a shock when we take out over 100 tonne of dirt, leaving a big hole in your backyard. Rest assured once the pool is lifted into place the yard will take on a whole new look.
  • Stage 3. After the install we will let the pool sit for a couple of weeks double checking levels before we the install the engineered concrete beam, ready for your choice of pool top. Your pool is ready for hand over unless you selected the TURN KEY option with full paving, fencing or pool house options which we only discuss onsite as everybody has their own taste and we can custom make your dream back yard.